Speaking with Power and Persuasion

Speaking with Power and Persuasion

Media Interviewing | Presentation Skills | Leadership Presence
Specializing in helping executives demonstrate leadership through powerful, persuasive and memorable communications.

When the stakes are high, executive communications performance can be a valuable asset or a barrier to professional and personal success.  Speaking with Power and Persuasion, an award-winning communications coaching program, equips executives with the insights to master high visibility, high impact events, sensitive conversations and crisis.

  • Media interviews
  • Presentations
  • Investor presentations
  • Executive speeches and public speaking
  • Leadership presence
  • Sensitive conversations

For more than 20 years, public and private company executives, professionals and family business owners have turned to Bess Gallanis for corporate communications strategy and executive communications skills coaching.

If you want to make an impact, drive the dialogue and influence people, contact me at bess@bessgallanisinc.com.