Money is Fiction

0014The brouhaha surrounding Bitcoin inspired this repost from a few years ago.

Please don’t tell anyone, it will ruin my reputation.  A few weeks ago I arrived someplace early.  My relationship to time is a bit like the movie “Inception”.  Multi-layered and a more than a little distant from reality.  The source of my punctuality impulse was love, and love is a powerful motivator.

A blast of Arctic air had dropped down from Canada. We Chicagoans always are blaming Canada for our bouts of harsh winter weather, but we love their hockey players.  You could easily ski on the streets, which were dense and hard with a good 13 inches of snow pack  glazed with a veneer of ice for good measure.

Back to love.  My husband has the cold weather constitution of an Inuit, but after a week of extreme conditions he broke down and asked me to pick him up from the train. Seven minutes early, as in the first digit following six, I sat in my toasty car, flipped on NPR to catch the day’s news and ended up engaged in this lively and imaginative story, “The Invention of Money.”

The sophomoric impulses of NPR’s Planet Money reporters produced this history of money and came to a startling conclusion, one that is so elegant in its logic that it defies credulity:  Money is fiction.

This article was written By Bess Gallanis, corporate communications consultant and executive coach to high performing companies and their leaders. When the stakes are high, communication performance is a game changer or a deal breaker.  To gain a competitive advantage, contact Bess today.