NIRI-Chicago Welcomes Incoming Chapter President Maryellen Thielen


Maryellen Thielen of Allstate takes the reins
as NIRI Chicago chapter president.

A spirited crowd gathered on the ROOF, a swanky watering hole atop theWit Hotel, to fete Maryellen Thielen, incoming president of the NIRI-Chicago chapter, and to thank Patti Paul, outgoing president.

What a difference a day makes.

From the 27th floor rooftop we enjoyed movie-set ambience created by the sharp relief of  shiny steel and glass buildings against a crisp blue sky and golden light reflecting off the iconic Carbon and Carbide building.  Only 24 hours earlier these same skies were dark with violent storms that triggered tornado warning sirens in Chicago’s Loop, sending afternoon commuters running for shelter from the pelting rain.

Cocktail chatter suggests the economy is looking up.  It was good to see new faces and old friends. Agency heads reported that business has stabilized and many in the crowd were celebrating new jobs.

The changing role of investor relations over the last decade has eaten into NIRI’s membership. Maryellen, senior manager of  financial communications at Allstate, says she will focus on reinvigorating membership and continuing NIRI-Chicago’s longstanding reputation for excellence in programming. A highly regarded, award-winning corporate communicator and longstanding member of the NIRI-Chicago and IABC-Chicago boards, Maryellen brings depth and breadth to this role.


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